The TiVolution Claims Another Victim

I just had an instant message conversation with my boy Kamau. (Yes, this is the same guy that writes wrote at His blog disappeared because his hosting service has gone AWOL on him. I don’t know if he’s gonna start up a new site or not. If he does I’ll let you know.) He finally took the plunge and bought a TiVo, which arrived yesterday. He’s been opposed to getting a TiVo for various reasons but the need to record French language programming drove him to make the move. He’s taking a refresher French course and wanted to record some French language shows which come on real early in the morning. Here’s our conversation after his TiVo has been set up for all of about 12 hours:

Kamau: TiVo is da shit

Michael: lmao

Michael: welcome to the fold

Michael: and to the TiVolution

Kamau: thank you. thank you, one step closer to becoming a full Jedi Knight like yourself

Michael: it already snagged some of your French shows?

Kamau: I did a keyword search for "French" and found some shit I didn’t know came on.

Michael: you’ve gotta love that

Kamau: Shows in French not on the International Channel, but on IFC, History Channel International, Encore, etc.

Michael: ah, the value of your cable subscription unlocked

Kamau: yessir. i can’t wait to get home to program some more stuff.

Kamau: indeed

Michael: lol

Kamau: actually, I’m trying to find out how to do it online

Michael: I can’t do that with mine. Damn DirecTV handicaps their tivos

Kamau: >:o

Kamau: damn, i love the Internet. this online setup is tiiight

I love the enthusiasm of TiVo newbies. Just wait until he discovers the other reasons to own a TiVo.


  1. ‘Preciate the love, my friend. Yes, I am now a true believer and I haven’t even recorded anything yet. The potential alone is worth the price… Many thanks for placing the bug in my ear over the past several years…

  2. TIVO changed our lives. I’m not kidding–the compulsive TV viewing (gotta get home to watch….) disappeared, cause we’d TIVO’d it all; the total # of hours watched plummetted (two reasons I think, 1–the show’s over, you don’t sit there mindlessly waiting for the next hour; 2–zooming past commercials.

    And oh, 3, most TV is swill. “Reality” shows? I doan t’ink so.

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