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The TiVolution Claims Another Victim

I just had an instant message conversation with my boy Kamau. (Yes, this is the same guy that writes wrote at His blog disappeared because his hosting service has gone AWOL on him. I don’t know if he’s gonna … Continue reading

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PSA: Bloggers Protect Your Privacy!

I was recently very surprised to discover that my address and phone number were available via the WHOIS directory for domain names. I was clued in (hit over the head) first by an author who sent me a book that … Continue reading

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All the Black Hip Hop Bloggers Be Quiet!

There’s an interesting conversation going on at Hip Hop Blogs about the lack of Black Hip Hop bloggers. But before I get into it I have to straighten out Hashim, who for some mysterious reason thinks knows I’m white. Despite … Continue reading

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Ladies, Don’t Let This Happen to You

An all too common wardrobe malfunction Continue reading

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Trio Brings the Pain

Trio is quickly becoming one of my favorite channels. I was just scanning through the listings on my TiVo and came across several music shows airing on July 16 and 17. You may want to set your recorders to catch … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Radio.Bloggers?

Here’s a proposal: I think we need a way to collect the various Radio.Blogs that are being done to make it easier for people to find them. I was considering either one of those meme pages that people can trackback … Continue reading

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Diggin’ in the Crates: Some Old School Hip Hop, Freestyle & Electric Funk

Just some of my old favorites from back in the day. Enjoy. Update: These tracks are now gone. Check out a newer Radio.Blog post. Update: For some other Radio.Blogs check out EJ’s Friday Melodies Vol. 5 and forget Kanye’s workout … Continue reading

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Anil Wins the Nigritude Ultramarine Contest

I was happy to see that Anil Dash won the second round of the SEO ‘nigritude ultramarine’ Google challenge. For some reason Goolge’s love affair with weblogs still fascinates me. It trips me out how easily my posts, especially on … Continue reading

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Chuck D Takes over Trio TV

If you get the Trio channel you may want to take a look at their line-up for the week or so. Here’s what’s up: TV is a powerful thing. See what happens when Chuck D takes over TRIO. Movies, music … Continue reading

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