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Well I’m still not sure I’m feeling the Mos Def’s ‘New Danger‘ CD, but I’ll always love his older stuff. Here are some of my favorites including tracks from the new. Enjoy

Track listing:

01 – Close Edge – from ‘New Danger’
02 – The Rape Over – from ‘New Danger’ – I love how he flipped that Jay-Z track and breaks it down about who’s really running ‘this rap ish’
03 – Zimzallabim – from ‘New Danger’
04 – Sex, Love And Money– from ‘New Danger’
05 – Black Star feat. Common – Respiration (Remix) – “Breathe In, Breathe Out…” I need to get the version of this video that had the captions that were translating the lyrics into ‘plain’ English.
06 – Black Star feat. Black Thought – Respiration (Flying High remix)
07 – Travellin Man (Acapella)– I think the original version of this track (on DJ Honda’s CD) may have been my introduction to Mos. I loved that track. When I heard this acapella version I was like ‘Oooohhhh!!!!” 🙂
08 – Can U See the Pride in the Panther (female) – from 2Pac’s ‘Rose That Grew From Concrete
09 – Next Universe – From ‘Soundbombing 2‘, one of my favorite CDs.
10 – Ms Fat Booty Part 2
11 – New World Water – from ‘Black on Both Sides‘ – Check the lyrics. This is profound, especially in light of documentaries like ‘The Corporation’
13 – Know That – from ‘Black on Both Sides’
13 – Mr. Nigga – from ‘Black on Both Sides’ – Another track that just nails it lyrically
14 – Creators feat. Mos Def & Talib Kweli – – Another, Another World
15 – High And Mighty feat. Mos Def & Mad Skillz – B-Boy Document 99 – From Soundbombing 2
16 – Black StarDefinition
17 – Tony Touch feat. De La Soul & Mos Def – What’s That (Que Eso) – spitting that Español
18 – Jam on It – Tribute to the real old school


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  2. we need to followup your entry on radio blogs, because audioblogs and radio.blogs are really hitting home everywhere. hmm.

  3. Dissapointed Mos Def fan.
    He was supposed to play Northeastern University’s Springfest 4/9/05 but cancelled at the last minute.

    I’d invited 5 mos def fans from home.
    Guess rappers live up to the stereotype of being lazy, late, or MIA.

    and your website is poorly done, and you ask for them to turn the vocals up WAYYYYY too much on the New Danger.

    Get over yourself you fucking sellout

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