DJ Sound Provider Mix #1, Radio.Blog Style

Here’s a nice, smooth selection ‘provided’ by my boy Ade. He’s been playing around with a CD mixer he picked up a while back and this is actually the second CD that he’s let any of us hear. He, like EJ, gets a lot of his music ‘provided’ by Darryl at Moods Music in Atlanta. Me thinks Darryl needs to start ‘providing’ some sounds online.

The reason I keep harping on ‘provide’ is because I just asked Ade what his DJ name was and got his response — ” I’m not a ‘DJ,’ i provide sounds” to which I was LMAO. From this day forward he shall forever be known as DJ Sound Provider! Anyway, enjoy the ‘provided’ sounds.

Track listing:

Gregory Isaac; Night Nurse ‘Night Nurse’
Charlie Hunter Quartet f Mos Def; Creole ‘Songs from the Analog playground’
Meshell N’Dege Ocello; Love Song #2 ‘Comfort Woman’
Sweetback; Gaze ‘Sweetback’
Buckshot LeFonque; Wonders & Signs ‘Ladies & Gentleman presenting..’
Estero; Anywayz ‘Breath from Another’
The Foreign Exchange; Nic’s Groove ‘Connected’
Common; Nag Chumpa ‘Like Water for Chocolate’
Prince; What do you want me to do ‘Musicology’
Jamiroquai; Manifest Destiny ‘The Return of the Space Cowboy’
Stevie Wonder; Too High ‘Inner Visions’
Ultra Nate; Twisted ‘Giant Step Records, Soul Sessions’
Jhno; Jung ‘This is Acid Jazz, After Hours 4’
Jazzy Jeff f J Live; Charmed Life ‘The Magnificent’
The Foreign Exchange; Come Around ‘Connected’


  1. This mix is too cool, thank you. I was gonna use that Ultra Nate song on my next radioblog, shoot, you beat me to it again, LOL. Great job!

  2. He’s got Esthero in there, he’s got Foreign Exchange in there. And then… AND THEN….he’s got Ultra Nate in there, on a track I don’t think I ever, EVER heard before. Damn, damn, damn. Sound Provider, you got me Twisted, man…. 😉 I’m lovin’ it….

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