Who’s Rolling to SXSW 2005?

I’ve been wanting to hit SXSW (South By SouthWest) for a couple of years now, more so for the music than the interactive portion. But after my talk with Terry Frazier the other day and the fact that they’re having a “Blogging while Black” session this year, I’m considering going. I can hear the conversation at that ‘Black blogging’ seminar now — “I-I-I’m not a Black blogger… I’m a blogger who happens to be Black!…” 😉 And the kickball game looks like big fun!


  1. Oh man, I guess I shoulda mentioned it on Monday, man. I’m game. I’m down with that for the same reason! Making my reservations next week!

  2. Yes, please come and attend our session. We’d rather not hear crickets chirping while we try to look smart in front of the tech nerds.

  3. Check out the 5 across showcase Friday March 18th at the Blind Pig 317 East 6th st. There’s going to be 6 really good bands from NJ and admission is free with or without a bracelet.

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