1. That is too much. I must admit that Pimp My Ride is a favorite show of mine for many reasons, mainly that fact that used to be backyard mechanic. It was a necessity to keep my ’69 Mustang running, but I also had a little bit of desire to race and restore old cars.

    I must say though, I have seen some questionable (IMHO) pimptronics by West Coast Customs on that show and often wondered what happens to the owners of those pimpmobiles after they drive home. Still, I’d be interested to see what they could do with EJ’s boycrasher – it could use a little help.

  2. I enjoy the show too. But like you allude to, some of the pimpin’ is over the top. I also wonder how long it takes for those cars to get jacked. I’d never drive one of those cars around L.A. after the whole world has seen how much merch was installed in them! In fact, I’d strip the car immediately and sell off the parts. 🙂

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