Not Necessarily in That Order…

-sigh- Your people…

Omarion, 20, says he wants to get closer to God in 2005. The B2K vet, who is a practicing Christian, said for his New Year’s resolution: “(I’ll) spend every day getting closer and closer to God. And buy a Ferrari.


  1. Maybe he knows something we all don’t; that God has returned to earth in the form of a Ferrari.

    Jesus is Turbo Teen.

  2. Not my people. My people ain’t ign’ant.

    Maybe someone should remind that him that Ferraris won’t fit through the eye of a needle any better than a camel would do.

  3. That’s really too sad. But you see it all the time. These “men of god” collecting vast sums of wealth from their congregations to spend on themselves.

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