Technorati Sandbox???

The Google Sandbox is well-known but is there also a Technorati Sandbox? If so, I think I’m in it — or at least one of my three blogs is in it. For some reason my main blog ( hasn’t been indexed by Technorati in months yet my other two blogs, which are hosted under the same domain, get indexed with no problem. To make matter worse when I try to claim my main blog on Technorati I get an error message telling me that it’s not claimable.

I’ve been trying to get help from their technical support for about two weeks but I haven’t gotten any response yet. Somebody help! (shameless ‘ping’ of David Sifry!)

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  1. Technorati gives me fits. When it does work, it works well though. Have myself subscribed on Bloglines for it. Doesn’t seem to want to work directly from their site.

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