Radio.Blog: The L.A. Player, MC Ice-T

Nothing like a little Ice-T for a hot summer day (and it’s hot as *%$#! in Atlanta today). Here are my favorite Ice-T tracks. Ice is a rapper who I think doesn’t get enough credit for all the music he’s put out. He may not be a lyrical genius but my man can tell some stories. And the beats… every time I hear “6 ‘n the Morning” I have flashbacks to the good old days in L.A. when every Mustang 5.0, Nissan truck and VW would be blasting that track. But most of his tracks are like a soundtrack for a kid who grew up in L.A. I guess that’s why I like Ice’s music so much (ditto for Ice Cube).

Enjoy the music, I’m off to get some real iced tea…


  1. Alright, now, you know I gotta clown you, right? Where’s “The Coldest Rapper” up in here?! Cmon, man, Jam, Lewis, and Ice-T!!!!

    Seriously though man, you’re droppin’ it. Keep bangin’!

  2. Damn, you took me back. Is that the same song as ‘Coldest Rap’? I’d forgotten all about that. I also just remembered that I forgot to upload ‘Reckless’ I’m slippin…

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