Finally, a TiVo and DVD Burner in One Box!

Pioneer has just announced the first DVD Recorders with TiVo service built-in. This machine sounds impressive, I just hope they implement it correctly. It’d be great to be able to archive programs from my TiVo onto a DVD.

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Google ‘Hateration’

Salon has a good article about the growing backlash against Google. It includes a discussion about how bloggers can manipulate Google’s results. 😮 As well as some coming threats to their throne from Microsoft and Yahoo!/Inktomi. Looks like things may get dicey for Google just as they’re likely to do an IPO.

BBC goes RSS

The BBC is way ahead of the game as far as open syndication. They’ve just announced that they are providing RSS feeds for all of their content. I wonder if the blog ecosystem will jump on this and force the American papers to follow suit?