High Powered Celebrities

Forbes has their Celebrity 100 list out. Much to my surprise, Jennifer Aniston is number 1. Here’s how the rankings are done:

How do you measure celebrity? Start with earning power and add media hits. Jennifer Aniston has a smaller bank account than George Lucas but shows up far more often on the magazine rack. But where’s her husband? Brad Pitt didn’t make the cut.


  1. Jennifer Aniston at #1 is laughable.

    What has she ever done besides the sitcom Friends? She couldn’t carry a feature film by herself. Honestly, could you imagine her trying to carry Panic Room (Jodie Foster) or even some of the simple movies with J Lo or Julia Roberts.

    I noticed Will at #11, he’s sort of been taking it easy the past couple of years after making Ali.

  2. Great minds. Since I’ve never seen Friends, I wouldn’t even know Jennier Anniston if she walked past me. But given that they take making magazine covers into account, she makes #1. IMO, the ranking by pay are the real power rankings!

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