A Little Drum & Bass for Ya

I’m in a Drum & Bass mood as I prepare for the Progression Sessions show (LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad, Ed Rush & Optical, Mayhem) toninght in Atlanta. So I’ve uploaded some of my favorite D&B tracks. These were my first exposure to the genre. MTV used to have a late night program (I think it was called ‘Amp’) that showed ‘different’ genres of music. I came in from a club one night, plopped down on the couch to inhale my Krispy Kreme and check out some videos. Roni Size’s ‘Brown Paper Bag’ and either ‘Heroes’ or ‘New Forms, feat. Bahamadia’ videos were playing. I was immediately hooked. I got online and did some research and then discovered GrooveRider and LTJ Bukem. The GrooveRider track ‘Imagination Parts 1 & 2’ may be my all-time favorite D&B track. When you listen to it be sure to let it play all the way though, as it just keeps building & adding layers. LTJ Bukem has an incredible range of styles. The tracks of his that I’ve uploaded are just a small sample. He can do that R&B type ish, like on ‘SunRain’ or go all the way to some straight up hard core D&B like on ‘Future Engineers’ or the tracks with MC Conrad. Enjoy and turn up your subwoofers…

Update: The D&B tracks are now gone. Check out a newer Radio.Blog post.


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