Mark Cuban, Donald Trump and Kwame Jackson

I saw Kwame Jackson, ‘The Apprentice’ runner-up on CNBC today. He said that Mark Cuban gave him a real nice job offer last night. IIRC, Kwame said that Mark waited around for about two hours last night after their party to speak with Kwame. Mark then made him an offer to run some of the companies in Mark’s investment portfolio. (Here’s a recent newspaper article about Kwame’s various offers ) So I thought I’d check out Cuban’s blog to see what he had to say about Kwame’s offer. There was nothing there about the offer but I was surprised to see this entry, in which Mark lays in to Donald Trump. Some snippets:

Let’s get some things cleared up in case anyone is confused. The Benefactor is going to be nothing like The Apprentice. Why? Because, Donald, we are not alike in any way. The funny thing is, in some respects, I have you to thank for that.

I have been in a lot of offices. I have seen pictures with the president, with family, with various famous people, but the over/under was usually 5 pictures, not 100. At that point in my life I was very well off financially, but I had a lot more paper money from stock in my net worth than cash. Our encounters proved to be a reality check for me.

After leaving your office, I promised myself that if I ever got liquid and had an obscene amount of money in the bank, I would make a point not to remind myself and everyone else around me of it every minute of every day — unlike you.

I guess our definition of success is just completely different.

I used to wear a suit to work every day. I worked hard so I wouldn’t have to. I bought a big house so I could throw a football and play whiffleball in it, rather than show it off. I don’t play golf, I work out. I dont have an entourage, I have friends. You talk about how much you are getting paid per episode, I talk about the fact I’m not. You need to make more, to me billions are enough. But those are little things.

Where we are 180 degrees different is how we deal with business partners. You talk about how your problem casinos are just 1 pct of your networth. I would feel like shit if I had a failing business with partners that were going to lose money and would talk about what it meant to my partners net worth, not my own. Heck, I won’t even let friends invest in any of my companies until I’m certain they will make it. How in the world can you pay yourself while shareholders take a beating?

I like your show. It was entertaining and brought out your personality and approach to the world.

So will mine, and I can assure you they are nothing alike. If I wanted to do a show like yours, I would have met with Mark Burnett when he wanted to talk about taking your place after next season.

Well damn! LOL


  1. This is a very interesting situation. I mean, you don’t exactly have to have nuts to dis The Donald, but you do have to have a good, solid reason…to tell the truth, you don’t have to have that…

    I hope Mark Cuban gets a good deal out of losing to that other dude. I mean, if Omarosa didn’t try to do him in then she’s truly psychotic (as opposed to being technically psyhchotic).

    Check out what other bloggers are saying about her and Mark and black love and… at (You’ll have to scroll down a couple of posts.)

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