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I just got an email about a friend-of-a-friend’s new CD. It’s by a musician out of Dallas, TX., called Montrose. I just listened to samples from the CD on his site and I was impressed with what I heard. Go check him out. Here’s a pretty good description of the CD from CD Baby:

The sophomore release from this Dallas, Texas based artist has it all, from its reflective lyrics, smooth vocals and funk/rock/acoustic guitar, covering various moods and textures. Inertia is a combination of rock, soul and funk that doesn’t disappoint.

Inertia is the type of CD that in a fair and just world would be getting plenty of airplay on R&B radio as much as Pop radio and marked 3 times platinum by the RIAA. This CD showcases Dallas, Texas based Montrose’s mature and developed songwriting, his cool vocals as well as his blissed out guitar playing. Think of the Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson, Funkadelic’s Gary Shider and Lenny Kravitz’s underrated rhythm chops combined. Montrose has done what few artists, especially those in the Soul genre, have done in recent years and that is created an album that has a variety of textures, and moods. From mellow psychedelic, P-Funk spaciness, and old school soul, it is all there. The intro track “Eureka” is a stellar introduction to his strong songwriting talent, early 80’s Prince like production style (yes, on several tracks he is a one man band), and muscular guitar work. “Deep Within” exhibits a knack for a catchy hook, strong melody, and Sly and the Family Stone like female vocals. “Never Be Mine” is a classic rock ballad. You will find that after several listens to Inertia, you have discovered a Soul treasure in Montrose.

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