BBC goes RSS

The BBC is way ahead of the game as far as open syndication. They’ve just announced that they are providing RSS feeds for all of their content. I wonder if the blog ecosystem will jump on this and force the American papers to follow suit?

Makes Perfect Sense to Me

Today’s Boondocks: You have to love little Riley’s thought process. I swear Aaron McGruder is inside my head sometimes. Hmmm… I wonder when Hiro Otomo will make an appearance. It’s good to see that the is back online now.

Why is That?

The article ‘No Outrage Over Foreign Invasion‘, raises the issue of why there is such protest over black teenagers going into the NBA draft, but no protests over the European teens going pro. The same question could be asked about why nobody cares when white tennis players, golfers, or baseball players turn pro straight out… Continue reading Why is That?

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For those that don’t get enough of all the political blogs out there, check out WatchBlog. Here’s Yahoo!’s description of the site: The world of politics is a confusing place — everyone has an agenda, and it’s difficult to know which side to trust. If you don’t know whom to believe, throwing your support behind… Continue reading WatchBlog

Kobe = 2/3 LeBron

Nike just signed Kobe Bryant to a $40 – $45 million, 5-year deal. That works out to about 2/3 of LeBron James’ $90 million, 7-year deal. So is Kobe only worth 66% of LeBron? I guess time will tell, but the article linked earlier does a good job of explaining the discrepancy. I know one… Continue reading Kobe = 2/3 LeBron

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Please tell me that is a joke. From the EUR: *So, you think black folks are the only people that are color struck. Well, read on. is an online community that is aimed at bringing together lightskin people from all round the world. Jarvis Rome, the 24-year-old entrepreneur behind, is, in his… Continue reading

50 Best Websites

Time Magazine has a guide to the 50 Best Websites. It may be worth a look. I’ve found a few sites that look really useful and/or interesting. And you may even learn a few things about sites that you already use. I’m still surprised at how many people don’t know about Google News, even though… Continue reading 50 Best Websites

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Trackback and Free Speech

LawMeme has some salient thoughts on using TrackBack. It’s given me at least one new way to use TrackBack — to update my own posts: If you want to adjust your entry for everyone in response to someone else’s useful suggestion, you just Trackback your own entry. You can thread Trackback trees through a single… Continue reading Trackback and Free Speech

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Future of TV Advertising

Business 2.0 has an article analyzing the success of Honda’s recent ‘Cog’ ad. The message is that if you make your ads interesting, people will not only watch them, they’ll tell their friends to watch them as well. I certainly fall into this category. Even though I skip most commercials on my TiVo, anytime I… Continue reading Future of TV Advertising

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