Hit the Road, Get Paid

Here’s a look at the music industry, and why touring is the way to get rich. As CD sales sag under Napster-style piracy, Jay-Z and other hot acts–especially craggy veterans–turn to concert tours to reap their real fortunes. Playing to crowds of 20,000, Jay-Z should net around $100,000 per performance, or more than $1,000 per… Continue reading Hit the Road, Get Paid

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Bling-Bling Ka-Ching

Forbes takes a look at Hip-Hop entrepreneurship. Odd that they don’t even mention Phat Farm.

22 Greatest MCs

Anyone catch MTV’s 22 Greatest MC show? The moment they announced number 22 I knew we were gonna have beef. Their list was the result of a public poll, so I have to give a little slack given all the youngsters that likely voted. (Learn your history!) And I do have to say that I… Continue reading 22 Greatest MCs

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High Powered Celebrities

Forbes has their Celebrity 100 list out. Much to my surprise, Jennifer Aniston is number 1. Here’s how the rankings are done: How do you measure celebrity? Start with earning power and add media hits. Jennifer Aniston has a smaller bank account than George Lucas but shows up far more often on the magazine rack.… Continue reading High Powered Celebrities

Must See Movies

Here are a couple of reviews that I wrote on my other blog. I highly recommend these movies! Rabbit-Proof Fence Femme Fatale

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Making the Band II

What a way to kick off the season of Making the Band. Puffy (sorry, I can’t switch up mid-stream and refer to him as P. Diddy) doled out some well deserved hazing to the band members. These kids acted like Puffy needed them. I found myself ROTFL when Puff told them what time it was.… Continue reading Making the Band II

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