New Movable Type PlugIn for Fighting Comment Spam

If you’re using Movable Type be sure to install the new ‘nofollow’ plugin. It implements a new way of marking links in comments and trackbacks so that they will be ignored by search engines. Let’s see what the spammers do now to try to get around this. (hat tip to Hashim)

Speed Up Your FireFox Browser

I just implemented this FireFox speed hack for broadband users. It makes a noticeable difference, especially when opening multiple tabs at once.

Six Apart Addresses Comment Spam Issues

There’s some important information MovableType’s blog about Movable Type creating server load issues when dealing with comment spam. It contains some tips for lessening your server load while Six Apart readies a patch. I’m glad to hear that Siz Apart is on this because I was really getting worried after reading ‘MT Plus Comment Spam… Continue reading Six Apart Addresses Comment Spam Issues

Yahoo Buys Stata Labs… Going After GMail?

The news of Yahoo buying Stata Labs, the makers of Bloomba, is very interesting indeed. It certainly seems like they’re buying their technology expertise in an attempt to “get with” Google’s GMail and their desktop toolbar. Here’s the news:

Sony Pulls Its Head Out of Its A$$ Over MP3s

It looks like Sony has finally gotten a clue about media formats. I couldn’t believe that their portable media players didn’t support Mp3 files. You’d think that the folks at Sony, of all people, would understand the importance of supporting what’s popular with people. Well they now say that their digital music players will now… Continue reading Sony Pulls Its Head Out of Its A$$ Over MP3s

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Gizmodo has the World’s First Treo 650 Pictures

The Treo 650 looks great and it will have BlueTooth and a removable battery. The addition of BlueTooth is big, but they should add WiFi to it as well. I think I’ll wait for the 700 (at least) to upgrade though.

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So That’s what StrangleBerry Does

PVRBlog reveals some details about StrangleBerry, the company that TiVo bought a while back. It looks like they have some powerful technology that may very well keep TiVo out of its death bed. (I’m sure the DirecTiVo’s won’t get this new functionality. -sigh-) There’s even more about this story in this Business 2.0 article (subscription… Continue reading So That’s what StrangleBerry Does

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